Bric’s Establishes Strategic Partnership with Triboo Shanghai

Bric’s, a distinguished brand renowned for its expertise in crafting exquisite travel bags and leather goods, proudly announces the grand opening of its flagship store on Alibaba's esteemed e-commerce platform. This momentous achievement has been made possible through the collaborative efforts of Triboo Shanghai, the Asian headquarters of the Triboo Group.

With a rich heritage spanning over 70 years, Bric’s remains a family-owned company that continues to flourish under the leadership of visionary founder Mario Briccola. The brand's unwavering commitment to combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology has resulted in the creation of iconic and timeless products.

Well known in Italy and abroad, the Bric's brand boasts an extensive network of 35 points of sale, a strong presence in over 1,500 multi-brand stores, and more than 170 corner shops in prestigious department stores worldwide. Rooted in a business model focused on design, marketing, and distribution, Bric’s consistently aims to meet market trends while simultaneously setting new standards. To further this mission, the brand has strategically chosen to open a new sales channel for the Asian market by launching its flagship store on the exclusive platform dedicated to luxury brands on Alibaba, China's preeminent e-commerce giant, which continues to witness remarkable growth in customer engagement and transactions.

Establishing a presence on Tmall is pivotal for capturing the attention of Chinese consumers, particularly the young, mobile-centric, hyper-connected users with a passion for heritage and authentic Made in Italy products. These customers prioritize social and environmental responsibility, seeking high-quality goods. Recognizing this demand, Bric's has dedicated significant efforts to address environmental sustainability by revamping existing collections and introducing new lines crafted from recycled materials. The iconic Bellagio Collection and Capri Collection have been fashioned from recycled polycarbonate, and the forthcoming Positano Collection will follow suit. Additionally, the eco-conscious X-Collection has been crafted using recycled fabric.

In supporting Bric's, Triboo Shanghai assumes a pivotal role in the implementation and management of store activities, as well as overseeing all aspects related to public relations, with a particular emphasis on engaging strategic Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) within the Asian market.

Through East Media, Italy's first company specializing exclusively in Digital Marketing China, Triboo Shanghai  manages Bric’s official accounts on prominent Chinese social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, and Little Red Book, which collectively boast billions of users. Triboo will seamlessly promote Bric's and its diverse product portfolio across these platforms, fostering a vibrant brand community and cultivating a loyal customer base.

Gabriele Barbati, General Manager of Triboo Shanghai, states, "As an international e-commerce service provider, we are thrilled to establish this partnership with Bric's. China, especially in the post-Covid era, stands as one of the largest markets for luxury goods, with a surging demand for travel products like luggage and bags. This presents a compelling opportunity for Bric's, given its globally recognized brand awareness."

Attilio Briccola, CEO of Bric’s, adds, "Bric’s has always maintained a strong focus on expanding into overseas markets. Our products have garnered immense appreciation from Chinese tourists visiting Italy, thereby incentivizing us to fortify our presence in China. We are elated to launch our official Tmall flagship store, allowing Bric's to cater to the discerning Chinese clientele. Finally, we feel privileged to extend the value of MADE IN BRIC’S to customers worldwide.”