Clive Christian partners with Triboo Digitale

Clive Christian, a British perfume maison founded in 1872 and famous worldwide for its fragrances considered timeless classics, has chosen Triboo Digitale - company part of Triboo Group - that offers e-commerce and consulting solutions through modular services, to manage its online store. Clive Christian is characterized by the high sophistication of the aromas, which contain a perfume concentration of 20- 25 %, and the bottle that proudly bears Queen Victoria's crown, inspired by the Small Diamond Crown designed for the Queen when she was bereaved.
The brand wanted to rethink its e-commerce, to do so it trusted Triboo Digitale, which identified Shopify Plus as the solution best suited to meet the client's needs. The team of dedicated store managers will handle all store management, billing and payment activities for the brand. The new store offers the user a dynamic and immersive User Experience that enhances Clive Christian's exclusive catalog while fully respecting the brand's positioning. A dedicated section has also been implemented to celebrate the history that has made the brand famous.
"We are proud to support Clive Christian on this path of modernisation, providing technical and commercial support. The new store was developed to support the prestigious British fashion house's desire to increase brand awareness among new consumers and engagement with loyal customers. We are proud that a brand, with a high-end positioning and more than a century-long tradition like Clive Christian, has chosen us as a strategic partner" - comments Andrea Corno, Head of E-commerce at Triboo Digitale.
“Clive Christian is world-renowned for being simultaneously timeless and contemporary. The new site perfectly represents these two characteristics and will help us achieve our growth goals by capturing the attention of an international clientele.” - comments Dino Pace, President & GM at Niche Box.