Digital China Week is back: how to communicate and sell online in China

Asian market experts Alibaba Group, Ant Group, East Media, Italy China Council Foundation and Tencent Cloud combine their expertise for three days of training on the Chinese digital world, focusing on trends, strategies and platforms for communicating and selling online in the country of the Dragon
From November 8 to 10, the second edition of Digital China Week kicks off, three days of training in which to learn, from industry experts and companies in the market, valuable insights for developing a successful business in China.
Registration for the event, which is completely free and usable online, allows participants to understand and leverage the dynamics of the Asian market with the advice and opinions of some of the leading experts in the field.
Among the partners taking part in the initiative: East Media, an agency part of the Triboo Group and specialized in Digital Marketing and e-commerce for Asian markets; Italy China Council Foundation, an organization that supports institutions and businesses to promote exchanges between Italy and China; and major players in the digital world such as Alibaba Group, a technology company that serves nearly one billion active consumers in China; Ant Group, owner and operator of Alipay and Alipay+; and Tencent Cloud, a leading international cloud service provider that offers a single China Connect solution for businesses to expand their operations in China without complications.
The webinar is dedicated to companies interested in positioning themselves and selling online in China through strategic use of social media and live-streaming, and the activation of Key Opinion Leaders to drive traffic to e-commerce and online stores.
Manuela Brega, Business Development Manager Fashion & Luxury, Alibaba Group: "Looking at China today, we can get a glimpse of what the future of retail innovation will be. Chinese consumers are 'mobile-first,' accustomed to a highly digitized shopping experience, and above all they love Made in Italy: therefore, it is crucial for Italian brands to be able to make the most of the new opportunities to succeed in China, through a winning digital strategy able to engage the Chinese consumer, who is quite different from the Western world."
Luigi J. L., Growth & Partnership Manager for Southern Europe, Alipay+: "Asia in general is a great source of continuous inspiration for those involved in digital payments, or those who take advantage of the endless possibilities of digital payments in interfacing with customers from Asia. Thanks to Alipay+, Italian merchants will be able to dialogue with a pool of more than one billion mobile-native customers in their own language, that is, conveniently offering the shopping experience they prefer and trust."
Francesco Boggio Ferraris, Academy Director, Italy China Council Foundation (ICCF): "Brands face increasingly articulated scenarios in China: on the one hand, they expect the definitive consecration of trends that have marked the last few years of digital communication and marketing, such as Metaverse, NFT, live streaming e-commerce and the definitive rise of second tier cities and consumption by the linglinghou, those born after 2000. On the other hand, they need to build flexible strategies that constantly take into account policy intervention in the sector."
Emanuele Vitali, co-founder of East Media: "Digital in China represents an unavoidable way of life with different platforms from Western ones and trends that are born here before elsewhere: think of live streaming or social commerce. East Media has always been the point of reference for Italian companies that see China as a strategic market. A partner certified by the main Chinese players, bringing brands closer to the end consumer with a cross-cultural team in the Milan and Shanghai offices."
Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International: "Thanks to our experience on the ground and our global coverage, we believe Tencent Cloud is the preferred partner for many foreign companies to connect with Chinese consumers. With Tencent's digital ecosystem and more than 20 years of experience in China, as well as our deep understanding of Chinese consumers' needs, we are able to provide them with one-stop cloud solutions and digital tools to effectively engage Chinese consumers and expand their market presence."