Triboo: Board of Directors Approves the Quarterly Disclosure as of March 31, 2023

Digital Division up from March 31, 2022 on a like-for-like basis
The Board of Directors of Triboo S.p.A. ("Triboo" or the "Company") - a group active in the digital sector and listed on Euronext Milan - meeting today under the chairmanship of Riccardo Maria Monti, reviewed the Group's performance in the first three months of the year, and approved selected unaudited financial data as of March 31, 2023, with particular reference to consolidated revenues, consolidated EBITDA and consolidated net financial position ("Quarterly Information").
Consolidated revenues as of March 31, 2023 amounted to 22.6 million euros, compared to 24.8 million euros as of March 31, 2022; however, it should be noted that, on a like-for-like basis, consolidated revenues increased by 2.6 percent from 22.0 in the first quarter of 2022 to the current 22.6 million euros;
Consolidated EBITDA was EUR 2.9 million compared to EUR 3.9 million as of March 31, 2022 (EUR 3.7 million EBITDA in Q1 2022 on a like-for-like basis);
The Group's net financial position as of March 31, 2023 was a negative €15.6 million compared to net debt of €10.5 million as of December 31, 2022, reflecting the seasonality of the business. Net debt as of March 31, 2023 includes financial debt for rent and leasing, accounted for in accordance with IFRS 16, of 5.3 million euros.
At the level of individual Divisions:
the Digital division records revenues of €17.9 million with EBITDA of €2.7 million; considering the same scope of consolidation, the division shows growth in both revenues (+9.1%) and margins (+5.3%) compared to March 31, 2022;
the Media division closed the first three months of the year with revenues of 5.2 million euros and a margin of 0.4 million euros.
"The actions implemented in the first months of the year, in terms of technological investments, optimization of the cost structure and strengthening of management, have brought the first results already from the final figures as of March 31, 2023. These results benefit in particular from the internal reorganization of the Digital division, which, on a like-for-like basis, in fact closed the first three months of the year with growth, both in terms of revenues and margins. The quarter closed with positive results, in line with our expectations, which confirm the resilience of the Group and its innovative soul, validating the growth path defined by the new Industrial Plan 2023-2025" - comments Giulio Corno, CEO of Triboo S.p.A.