a year of major events reported via podcast

"Punto PMI" celebrates its first anniversary and 50th episode: a year of profound changes, recounted weekly to loyal listeners 
"Punto PMI," a weekly podcast of the newspaper-published by the Triboo Group-that provides insights, analysis and summaries by the editorial staff, turns one year old. Seven days summarized in ten minutes: the podcast crosses the finish line of the first fifty episodes produced, celebrating its anniversary. 
The podcast offers the best of the week, starting with content published in the webmagazine. A window on the most important news from the Italian business world to the labor market, from taxation to economic-financial news, leaving space also for readers' questions, which are answered trying to clarify any doubts about regulations and news.
This is an original podcast from T-Podcast, Triboo Group's audio production house, followed by tens of thousands of loyal users, edited by Fabio Donolato, radio host and author, and Barbara Weisz, journalist.
Launched during the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, "Punto PMI" has been reporting ever since on an ever-changing world and an Italy facing its own business and economic policy challenges, which translate into as many measures, programs and strategies that strongly affect families and businesses. In this way, the audience can listen to, as well as read, what is published online. In just ten minutes, every week, thanks to "Punto PMI" all users can delve into the most important news, through the main channels of podcast enjoyment.
The thirty thousand listeners of the podcast are thus added to the more than three million online users and the more than six hundred thousand subscribers to's newsletter, thus completing the digital multimedia ecosystem of the Triboo Group's B2B reference publication.