grows on social by explaining economic news

According to data provided by NotJustAnalytics, the Italian Instagram news page that has grown the most in the last month is
Between inflation, high bills and the budget law, the social editorial staff of the Triboo Group's historic publication has been able to intercept the public's need to be informed in a simple but accurate way. On the Meloni government's first economic manoeuvre, created ten native videos for Instagram Reels and TikTok in which the main measures of the 2023 budget law were analysed, chapter by chapter. Between the two platforms, the feature totalled almost 6 million views and over 125,000 interactions.
The analysis showed that between 10 December 2022 and 10 January 2023,'s growth exceeded that of both traditional newspapers and new media, counting over 16,000 followers acquired in just thirty days.
The page was created following an editorial line based on an idea of native journalism for social media. The hottest topics of current economic affairs are covered with a visual and immediate language, used by a team of young journalists capable of combining freshness and solidity of sources. The Instagram and TikTok profiles - opened between August and September 2022 - have both quickly reached and exceeded 30,000 followers, capturing the attention and interest of the under-35s.
"These are numbers that fill us with satisfaction," comments Federico Graziani, journalist nominated among the Forbes Under 30 of 2021 and founder of Rassegnally, who leads the project together with Federica Magistro (ex Tgcom24). - Social media make it possible to bring journalism to a younger audience that is interested in understanding current events, including economic ones, if they are explained in a language close to the everyday language of users'.
The development of the Instagram and TikTok pages is part of an authoritative ecosystem of political-economic information composed of the website and the paper 'Il Settimanale', with which ad hoc content has been created in synergy for the different media (web, magazine, social, podcast).