Roberto Cavalli 新闻稿

In May 2023, the Italian premium Luxury brand Roberto Cavalli announced the opening of its Official Flagship Store on Tmall Luxury Pavilion, through the cooperation with Triboo China. With a full range of products, spanning from mens and women’s apparel, to leather goods, accessories and furniture all defined by Roberto Cavalli’s glamorous and contemporary aesthetic and embodying the quintessential expression of Italian excellence, craftsmanship and its Mediterranean origins. 

Roberto Cavalli is a luxury heritage Italian Brand named after its founder and namesake Roberto Cavalli. Born into a family of tailors in Florence, Roberto initially followed his grandfather Giuseppe into painting, but it was textile design that became the catalyst for his transformation from artist to the fashion designer that gave birth to the renowned and beloved brand. 

Cavalli’s career in fashion started with his painting flowers on knitwear, and after his early success he continued to innovate, patenting a new method of leather intarsia—a patchwork technique similar to marquetry—created with dyed and printed leather, which appeared in Cavalli’s first fashion show at the Paris Salon du Prêt-à-Porter in 1970. By continuing to create new patterns inspired by his love of nature and printing them on everything from silk to leather and denim, Roberto Cavalli has remained an innovative industry leader. 

Today the Maison’s celebrated Creative Director, Fausto Puglisi is putting his unmistakable stamp of creativity and craftsmanship on Roberto Cavalli’s collections of ready to wear, building on the inspirations of the past, creating pieces that mimic the beauty of nature by enlisting the craftsmanship of some of the finest artisans across Italy, utilizing skills passed down through the generations. From Rock Stars to Royalty, Fausto Puglisi’s creations are adored by those who strive to be unique, to run free and to feel special. 

In 2023, Roberto Cavalli has started the collaboration with Tmall to create a global fashion store with a multi-dimensional shopping experience allowing Chinese women with an independent spirit to discover the brand and to reveal their inner beauty evoking the wild, raw world of nature, radiating confidence and audacious energy through the creations of Fausto Puglisi. 

Since the launch of Tmall Luxury Pavilion in 2017, more than 200 leading luxury and premium brands worldwide have joined the platform, spanning from apparel, cosmetics, to jewelry and watches and automotives. Through Alibaba’s technology and marketing tools, Tmall Luxury Pavilion enables brands to digitalize and constantly innovate to reach today’s young, tech-savvy and high-quality Chinese consumers. Tmall Luxury Pavilion also enables brands to bring the same custom-tailored experience and sense of exclusivity from their brick-and-mortar stores to China’s online shoppers. 

This collaboration with Tmall Luxury Pavilion has opened a new chapter in the digitalization of Roberto Cavalli in China. Roberto Cavalli sincerely invites you to explore the Tmall official flagship store.