EPHOTO supports LEGAMBIENTE in the itinerant campaign "The Glacier Caravan as a TECHNICAL PARTNER

Milan-based production company EPHOTO, a company established in the year 2013 from the experience of 3 founding partners in the field of e-commerce photo productions and controlled by Triboo Spa since 2017, launches a new collaboration for the environment with Legambiente, supporting "La Carovana dei Ghiacciai" as a technical partner, as part of the ChangeClimateChange campaign.
In November 2021, EPHOTO  transformed into a Benefit Society. Through a concrete daily commitment to everything around us, the agency supports the goal of making business and sustainability goals complement each other.
"EPHOTO intends to pursue in the exercise of its economic activity, more purposes of common benefit and to operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and the environment, entities and associations, and other stakeholders," says Roberta Pirisino, co-founder of EPHOTO. "Giving life to a collaboration like the one with Legambiente is for us a source of great enthusiasm as well as an opportunity to reflect on all that we can do as a society and individuals. We have integrated this type of activity into our daily life to raise awareness among our employees and collaborators; in fact, we believe in the strong synergy that can arise with realities such as Legambiente, from an ethical, educational and environmental point of view."
Now in its third year, THE CAROVANA OF ICE CAROVAN, a traveling campaign promoted by Legambiente, is a journey across the Alpine peaks to tell the story of the effects of climate change on glaciers and promote the protection of high-altitude mountains departing on August 17, 2022.
It is a traveling Caravan to different locations, where, in collaboration with the Italian Glaciological Committee, analyses and data collection are carried out on the state of glaciers.
The following are the stops:
17-19/08 Miage and Pré de Bar glaciers [VALLE D'AOSTA].
20-22/08 Monte Rosa glaciers [PIEDMONT]
23-26/08 Forni Glacier [LOMBARDY]
27-31/08 Marmolada Glacier [VENETO - TRENTINO] 
1-3/09 Montasio Glacier [FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA]
Due to rising summer temperatures as a result of climate change, alpine glaciers have shown impressive retreats, both in terms of area and thickness. In fact, the traveling campaign leads us to reflect on how today we can see the forest where a hundred years ago it was perpetually frozen, or the bare stone where a few decades ago the glacier reached. The rapid retreat of glaciers not only results in the loss of fascinating landscapes, but also equates to the disappearance of important freshwater supplies and the melting of permafrost (perennially frozen ground), a phenomenon that leads to greater soil instability along with a substantial increase in landslides with heavy risks to high-altitude infrastructure. According to the most optimistic scenarios by the end of the century, glacial areas will be reduced to one-fourth of the existing ones. This is a technical-scientific trip, with monitoring and data collection through high altitude hikes, but also an emotional one through art and music dedicated to glaciers. It is a hike with one big goal: to cultivate awareness and desire for change.
Ephoto supports the traveling campaign through its know-how: the team will include a photographer and video maker who will witness the entire Caravan, as well as narrate the stages through a logbook.
The press conference for the Lombardy leg will also be held at the agency's spaces.
"We have decided to engage with a business model that does not have as its focus only profit but also contributes to generating value for all stakeholders," concludes Roberta Pirisino, "which is why we are committed to the implementation of projects so that they have a positive impact on people and the planet with the aim of establishing virtuous partnerships with organizations committed to protecting the resources and beauty of this world."