T-Podcast launches "The Words I Never Said," the new emotional and collaborative podcast series

In each episode, a diary page, a dream, an emotion becomes the narrative voice telling a personal, intimate and sometimes difficult story to express out loud. 
The original productions of T-Podcast, Triboo's audio production house, continue, offering an emotional format with the release of "The Words I Never Said," a series that aims to give space to all those who want to express an emotion buried inside out loud. 
It does so through an initial collection of ten unique stories that offer an intimate experience to the listener by leading him or her in each episode to listen to the reading of pages torn from a different diary each time. These pages thus become the plot of each episode, offering direct and deep access to the mind and heart of the person who wrote them. The authors of each of these stories are different, ordinary people who contributed anonymously, but all explore the most universal human experiences such as love, loss, growth and fear.
"The Words I Never Said" is meant to be an opportunity for everyone to listen to and identify with different emotional narratives that may represent life experiences that, often, we do not have the courage to put into words with our voices but only by writing them down. Storytelling is a form of catharsis that can be liberating and therapeutic, and the podcast series aims to be a safe and welcoming place to do so, where anyone who wants to speak freely and without judgment, finding comfort in listening and sharing.
At the end of each episode, in fact, the podcast will issue an invitation to its listeners to share a story of their own in turn. Sharing can be done anonymously to the email box tpodcast@triboo.it. The goal is to make the podcast a truly collaborative experience by giving each listener the opportunity to share their own story and make it into an episode.
The inspiration for this project comes from the "Wind Phone," a phone booth in Japan where people can talk to their deceased loved ones and tell them things that had not been said. In this case, the podcast provides a similar space, a safe place for people to share their emotions and feelings with anyone who cares to listen, using T-Podcast's audio production skills to translate their written thoughts into voice.
In summary, the podcast is an emotional and participatory experience that offers a voice to anyone who needs to express their feelings and emotions. The idea behind the project is to create an empathetic and supportive community, where stories become a tool for support and personal growth.
The original T-Podcast production "The Words I Never Said" is available on all major listening platforms.