100 episodes of TVblog Pills podcast

The Group, a player in the podcast world for more than three years, celebrates an important milestone for its production house T-Podcast
The Triboo Group, a player in digital audio for more than three years, is celebrating an important milestone for its production house T-Podcast - a container for all the productions made in the last three years such as "TVBlog Pills," "Wall Street Italia's News of the Day," "Punto PMI," "Italian Startup," and "La Fumelli in Agrodolce" and "Spaghetti Thriller" - the 100th episode of "TVBlog Pills."
TVBlog Pills, accompanies listeners into the world of the small screen, analyzing and reporting on the latest news, revealing behind-the-scenes and delving into TVBlog news in an original and biting way.
Curating the series is TVBlog's full editorial staff, six diverse voices with years of experience and a keen eye for the small screen's most talked-about cases. TVBlog's podcast pills range from new upcoming programs to the most-watched series, from the most talked-about TV personalities to political debates.
The latest episodes, for example, dealt with October horror on Italian TV, the Memo Remigi case and Fiorello's new TV show, but also the arrival of Netflix commercials and previews of the upcoming Sanremo Festival.
The topics covered are carefully chosen and addressed with expertise and passion.
The secret of the success of TVBlog Pills is related precisely to the professionalism of the authors such as Marco Salaris, Giorgia Iovane, Paolo Sutera, Massimo Galanto, Fabio Morasca, Alberto Graziola and the voice of Fabio Donolato.
TVBlog Pills and all T-Podcast productions are available on Spreaker, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and Google Podcasts.