Il Settimanale: the success of a unique publishing initiative

Triboo Group's print magazine, after its success on newsstands, gets a makeover and comes out with a new format 
After only 6 months, the publishing venture of Il Settimanale, Triboo Group's business and political magazine, can be said to have been so successful that the publisher has decided to invest further to create a new format and a new graphic design. A formal farewell to the tabloid model--fascinating, but poor--in favor of a classic style.
The reason for the redesign is due to the positive response from the more than 10,000 subscribers and the excellent results at the newsstand. The reasons for this success are to be found in the soul of the newspaper, characterized by unique content such as investigations, reflections and visions of a new economy, thanks to the many signatures who have contributed to create a unique product appreciated for its thoughtful content and for the more than 150 stories of businesses collected around the country, which will soon become a book.
Starting this week, after passing the test of the first six months, the publisher is relaunching Il Settimanale by sending it to the more than 550,000 users registered in the valuable databases of:; Wall Street; and The appointment is on newsstands where it will be a more glossy edition of Il Settimanale, but one that respects the same editorial line proclaimed by its debut manifesto. The goal remains the same: to tell the stories of businesses, the stories of men and women, companies and industrial districts, as no one else does, with clear and timely language. 
"The economy is for everyone and affects everyone that is why we made The Weekly. I want to thank the editorial staff, headed by an authoritative journalist like Claudio Brachino, thanks to the readers and advertisers who believed in us and gave us confidence." - comments Domenico Marasco Head of T-Sales, concessionaire of Il Settimanale.