renews: social strategy and launch of Il Settimanale magazine

The Triboo Group bets on the masthead by strengthening its social strategy and launching a print magazine directed by the authoritative signature of Claudio Brachino, the historic newspaper of Gruppo Triboo, a group active in the digital sector and listed on Euronext Milan, is being renewed with the aim of providing its readers with an even more attentive and useful service. The investments go in two opposite, yet complementary directions: on the one hand, the strengthening of the digital strategy through the opening of PMI's Instagram profile; on the other hand, the bet of "Il Settimanale," an economic, political print magazine, exclusively sided with businesses, to represent their instances towards institutions. Both initiatives are a natural evolution of the website, which, on the strength of its numbers and results, proves capable of renewing and attracting new readers.
The decision to consolidate a social strategy stems from collaboration with the Rassegnally team, the first journalistic page born on social and for social. The goal is to consolidate the link between the brand and its target audience, expanding it toward younger segments. The Instagram and TikTok pages have been designed to have a unique positioning among competitors: native design; visual and immediate language; authority derived from an already established ecosystem; and content related to current economic events, the world of work and innovation.'s social profiles will have a news-driven approach: the editorial plan will be structured on daily in-depth coverage of the most relevant economic news, explained with videos, stories, interviews, reels and carousel posts.
The goal of "Il Settimanale" is to provide users and readers with the opportunity to comment on current regulations, offering policy insights to improve them thanks to the editorship of Claudio Brachino - an established professional in the world of television journalism for more than 35 years and former director of VideoNews of the Mediaset group - who will lead the editorial staff made up of such signatures as Federico Momoli, Guido Palmieri, Umberto Rapetto, Paolo Cirino Pomicino, Antonio Tommassini and Piero Bassetti to name but a few.
The magazine will have a tabloid format, divided by sections: Inquiries; Stories of SMEs; The tools of the new capital market; Business progress to be more sustainable. Distribution is both print and digital, including marketing activities on both offline and online channels, pointing to the media and adv skills of the Triboo group, strengthened by the significant numbers of, which for more than 15 years has been providing information services and business tools to more than 3,000,000 unique users per month, more than 500,000 users registered to the daily newsletter and more than 1,000,000 users subscribed to push notifications.
A careful analysis of the users shows that the target audience is broad but very specialized. Its audience is presumably composed of both men and women (75%-25%), concentrated mostly in an age range of 35 to 64 years. Within it, we find generations who, while doing different jobs, use similar tools and modes to inform themselves, learn more about and learn about opportunities related to their field of work. Thus, a high socio-demographic profile emerges, one that is up-to-date on news in the work sphere, interested in the political landscape, passionate about innovation and everything that can be concretely useful in everyday life.
Advertising collection will be handled by Oyster, a company specializing in B2B in business.
"Businesses need to be told. That's why we decided to give life to a weekly economic and political magazine, alongside the instances and businesses, their needs, their demands and their visibility. We accepted this challenge to fill a void: there had not existed for years an economic weekly capable of telling the story of our industrial and productive territories. In a country where there are millions of small and medium-sized businesses, generating more than 98 percent of turnover, we need media that can tell their stories. We hope to lead the way, we need realities that can tell about these wonderful and unique assets, as unique is our country." - comments Giangiacomo Corno, head of Media and ADV at Triboo Group. "The project for a new print media in a digitized age stems from the strength and uniqueness of, a newspaper already recognized in the industry as a useful and always up-to-date source of information. It will be an opportunity to enrich our publications with the production of additional premium content, published weekly in print format, distributed at newsstands and by subscription, and on and mobile app and taken up by social media. This initiative aims to begin to build a media ecosystem dedicated and aimed at the world of B2B and all business stakeholders, complementing what is already present today on the web, with a social presence and in print format, thus able to reach all types of targets with editorial grammars declined according to the format and platform used."