Wall Street Italia's "News of the Day" podcast turns 2 years old

"The News of the Day" celebrates its second anniversary: two years dense with episodes within which a variety of hot topics in economics and finance were covered, selected from Monday to Friday directly by the Wall Street Italia editorial staff

One of the main objectives of Wall Street Italia, an economic-financial newspaper published by the Triboo Group, is to inform and educate readers about current economic, geopolitical and financial news through simple language that everyone can understand. From energy to inflation, from central banks to the economic programs of government and European institutions, from stock exchanges to financial advice, from savings management to insurance, from global trade to everything that happens to our businesses and in our daily lives.

 "The News of the Day" for the past two years has been choosing the hottest topic of the moment every morning from the content published on the Wall Street Italia website and telling listeners about it through the modern podcast channel, summarizing it in about 4 minutes. 

This is an original series by T-Podcast, Triboo Group's audio production company, curated by Luca Losito, a Wall Street Italia journalist. The format was launched during the pandemic to update users in a timely manner and shorten the distance. "The News of the Day" has been summarizing since then a changing economic-financial world and an Italy facing its own economic policy challenges, which translate into as many measures, programs and strategies, which strongly affect savers. In this way, Wall Street Italia's audience can listen to, as well as read, what is published online. 

The podcast's more than fifty thousand listeners are thus added to Wall Street Italia's one million online users and one hundred thousand newsletter subscribers, thus completing the digital media ecosystem of the Triboo Group's B2C flagship publication.