"Temporalis: the crossroads," the first original interactive podcast series in Italy

T-Podcast's first interactive podcast production is "Temporalis: the crossroads," a series in which the listener decides how the plot evolves through a series of choices to be made between episodes.
The Triboo Group, which in recent years has published more than 15 podcast series, totaling about 500 episodes destined for online publications such as Wall Street Italia, Pmi.it, TvBlog.it and Agrodolce.it, is thus embarking on a new adventure, proposing to the Italian market a new way of listening to a story by interacting with it.
The idea originates from the T-Podcast author team's passion for role-playing. Hence the desire to tell an original story through a two-way scheme, similar to those used in the world of books and comics. With the aim of transporting the typical gdr modes of immersion and gameplay to an innovative form such as audio, "Temporalis: the fork in the road" was developed, a completely new tale, a unique experience that stems from the concept of the book game, then transferred to the modern podcast media.
The series allows the listener to identify with the protagonist of the story by choosing, episode by episode, which narrative branch to develop. The goal is to complete a mission and unravel a mystery. To accomplish this, the hero has the option of changing the plot by selecting, at each juncture, one of the proposed paths, each of which then evolves toward a different moral alignment.
The listener, a first-person protagonist, will choose how to deal with the obstacles, whether or not to follow the advice of the characters he or she meets within the story, and whether to act or let events take their course. In a succession of forks, the main moves of the protagonist will be decided, adding a level of gamification and interaction to the narrated story.
It is an original production created with the help of Leonardo de Simone - the mind and narrator of Temporalis - that draws inspiration from role-playing games, but is intertwined with some of the hottest topics of current events, starting with environmental protection and the risks of a failure to safeguard the ecosystem. On the individual choices of the protagonist will depend the fate of humanity, in a plot that unfolds through points of view, sensibilities, intentions and desires inherent in each of us, creating a narrative that - being a direct consequence of the personal choices of the listener - remains forever unique and inimitable.
A brand new story, a new world to immerse oneself in, an innovative mode of enjoyment: the original T- Podcast production "Temporalis: the crossroads" is available on major listening platforms.